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Overwhelmed by managing incoming faxes? Let VMO Tech lighten the load!

Is the inundation of incoming faxes overwhelming your staff, diverting their attention from essential tasks and patient care?

VMO Tech offers a solution to alleviate this administrative burden. Our documentation management service specializes in efficiently handling faxes received through your EMR, ensuring timely and accurate assignment to the respective patient charts.

By checking faxes daily, routing them for review, and categorizing based on urgency, we streamline the process, completing tasks within 12-24 hours of receipt. Our goal is to minimize turnaround time, providing clear document descriptions for administrative, clinical, and billing staff.

With VMO Tech’s support, your clinical team can refocus on patient care while we manage the documentation workload seamlessly.

What you can expect:

  • Daily Fax Review: We diligently check the fax module within your EMR on a daily basis.

  • Efficient Routing: Documents are promptly directed to the appropriate staff for review and processing.

  • Priority Assignment: Faxes are assigned a status based on urgency, ensuring timely attention to critical matters.

  • Swift Processing: Our goal is to complete the assignment of daily faxes within 12-24 hours from the received date.

  • Reporting: You’ll receive a daily report detailing the number of faxes received versus those successfully processed.

  • Local Staff Coordination: We collaborate closely with your local team to ensure seamless operations.

Our primary objective with documentation management is to minimize the turnaround time for assigning incoming faxes to patient charts, providing clear descriptions for administrative, clinical, and billing staff. This optimization allows your clinical team and providers to dedicate more time and focus towards delivering exceptional patient care. If your healthcare facility requires assistance in managing documentation, contact VMO Tech today for efficient and reliable support.

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