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VMO Tech, our proven track record will vouch for the efficiency of our services. Take a look at what we have on offer, and you will know why VMO Tech is the right choice for you.
Quality, honesty, accountability, respect, and trust are our key values. We do what we say and say what we do.
Why us
With our crew of qualified and trained personnel, quality services are just a call away!


Our medical transcription services have been widely deployed across small hospitals, multi-clinic physician organizations, multispecialty hospitals, individual physician practices, etc. Our diligent efforts in providing the most secure environment for patient health information have been widely commended. Round-the-clock services that are nominally priced but highly reliable. VMO Tech delivers a full range of proven transcription services to streamline your medical information processes and achieve fast and predictable medical record documentation for your organization. We do this with a winning combination of the best people and the most trusted technologies.


With our cost-effective yet reliable medical transcription services, we can help you

  • Manage increasing and/or fluctuating transcription volume;
  • Eliminate staffing shortages and turnover;
  • Shorten billing cycles through fast and reliable accuracy and turnaround times, and effective documentation;
  • Obviate capital investment in hardware and dictation/document distribution software;
  • Reduce overheads and administration costs.

Stringent Quality Control & Accurate Transcription

Our Audio transcription process monitoring mechanism helps in delivering accurate and quality transcript. The process is defined so that there is continuous monitoring/tracking of the process as well as the transcript. A team of experienced, trained audio transcriptionists assures and audits the quality of each and every transcript resulting in accurate transcripts for you each and every time.

Secure and Confidential

We take great pride and ethical responsibility and commitment to safeguard client data privacy throughout our transcription process ensuring strict adherence our confidentiality policy. We will sign and NDA with you if required.

Flexible Turnaround Times

Our Voice transcription team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same day turnaround times are available upon request.

Dictating Options

We offer multiple ways for you to send us your dictation files either via toll-free telephonic dictation platform, or via a handheld dictation device using our secure website or ftp.

Transcript Formatting Options

We can format the transcripts according to your specifications using your templates and letterhead. Moreover, we can interface with your current systems or login remotely to your computer system and put the transcripts in there.

Technology with an edge

Our audio transcription service can integrate seamlessly with your current information systems. We guarantee smooth transitions for our transcription customers.

Support & Account Management

Each client/account has been provided with a dedicated account service manager, working closely with the administrative office, the transcription teams, IT personnel, and management. Our account managers help in your training and walking you through the process, creating customized templates, discuss macros, and are available whenever required to solve your queries. A 24/7/365 friendly and dedicated technical support personnel is available just a couple of clicks away through email or by toll-free telephone.

Cost-effective Competitive Pricing

Our audio transcription service blends quality, turnaround time, and pricing to give you an unmatched cost-effective quality audio transcript. You can save as much as 40-60% on transcription costs! Contact us to try us free

We also offers special discounted and monthly retainer programs for high volume accounts as well as for large accounts. We use a client-centric billing module which is to look after your interest first!